shadowing opportunity already approved?


If you have an approved precepting or shadowing opportunity, please review our HIPAA privacy rules and dress code.





With the HIPAA PRIVACY rules, the student should sign and return a confidentiality agreement AND a Business Associate Agreement before they arrive to shadow.




Regarding 'local' students,  some students may already know some of our patients outside of the clinic. In those cases, it may be inappropriate to have the student shadow, and we ask that you remove yourself from those situations as it's possible we're dealing with an especially sensitive health issue.


After you return your completed paperwork, we can begin scheduling times to shadow.


You should dress professionally. Dress as if you were attending a professional function or a funeral. You cannot go wrong dressing that way. You get one chance to make a first impression.

Remember: If you present a professional appearance and attitude, people will be more likely to treat you like a professional.

medical school students


Please see the VCOM Site Coordinator for specific instructions.

nurse practitioner & physician assistant students


If you are in need of clinical or precepting hours, you should direct your inquiry to your professional school. Ideally, they should be able to provide you with those opportunities.


Unfortunately, if your professional school does not provide this part of your education, in the vast majority of cases, we are unable to meet this request.


If you want to submit a request, please do not call the office. You may submit a request via email to Please submit your resume and any paperwork needed for review.


We are unable to contract with any school requiring indemnification.

pre-med students


While medical schools now require shadowing as a pre-requisite activity, they also require that it be documented in a certain format - typically through the undergraduate institution. We would advise that you to contact the institution directly for further direction on the best way to obtain shadowing hours.


Students at Auburn University should contact the Director of Pre-Health Programs to setup shadowing opportunities.



pre-nursing students, cna students, & high school students


Due to HIPAA and privacy concerns, we do not allow for high school students or pre-nursing students to job shadow in our clinic.



health administration students


Students at Auburn University should contact the Health Administration Program Director to setup shadowing opportunities.

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